Monday malaise

What a wonderful weekend. I went to the big smoke to see my old uni pals, catch some exhibitions and eat and drink nice things. My friend Sarah looked after me so well that it was like staying at a B&B. This woman really knows how to cook and I also stuffed myself silly at […]

Bangkok Cafe

I’ve been overdoing it a bit recently and feeling really tired and rundown as a result. Last night, after two days of near sloth-like behaviour, I knew it was time to leave the house. When my friend Naphtalia said she’d cross the river to Canton for our weekly catch up (no mean feat for dwellers […]

The food of love

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and it pretty much passed me by. Maybe it was my sore head following a night celebrating Wales’ rugby victory, the beautiful weather or the fact that it fell on a Sunday, meaning that I didn’t sit around waiting for the letterbox to clatter (I jest). I’ve never been particularly bothered […]

Pancake palaver

Confession time: I’ve never made pancakes unsupervised. You see, my hand-to-eye co-ordination is at best, substandard (I should apologise to those who were unfortunate enough to ‘play’ tennis with me during PE lessons), so I’ve always been wary of flipping the little buggers. Now that I’m 31, I’m trying to be a bit braver and […]

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Well, it’s nice to have something to celebrate on a Monday, isn’t it? 2016 is all about the monkey, which is thought to be one of the unluckiest years in the Chinese calendar. It’s possible that this only applies to new parents as people born in the year of the monkey […]

Cooking with kholrabi

I love Laura. No, this isn’t a confessional post; I’m just a big fan of Laura’s, the popular greengrocer’s in Canton. I go there every week to stock up on green goodies and the other day picked up a kohlrabi. It’s only a few months ago that I discovered this root vegetable and tonight is the […]

Quick courgetti

Rather unexpectedly, I’ve had a relatively pain-free January. The first day of February, however, was not the finest. Nothing bad happened; it was just a bit rubbish. And to soothe my violently bad temper (dearest colleagues, please forgive me) I snacked. A lot. So when I got home at nearly 8pm, I wasn’t hugely hungry but I […]