Quick courgetti

Rather unexpectedly, I’ve had a relatively pain-free January. The first day of February, however, was not the finest. Nothing bad happened; it was just a bit rubbish. And to soothe my violently bad temper (dearest colleagues, please forgive me) I snacked. A lot. So when I got home at nearly 8pm, I wasn’t hugely hungry but I wanted something comforting but also healthy. So I made courgetti.

Now courgetti, we all know, is a great divider. The spiralisers amongst us may think it’s the best thing since (gluten free) sliced bread, but the foodies frown at it. I neither love nor hate it but then I’ve often been accused of sitting on the fence. I’m no carb avoider but sometimes it’s nice to have something a bit lighter.

My little sofa supper took all of five minutes to make from bits and bobs in the fridge. Plus, it’s not that virtuous as I paired it with a glass of red – hey, I’ve had a crappy day and anyway, it’s my birthday tomorrow.

Here’s my recipe to try. I like how the slight bitterness of the fennel complements the sweetness of the sundried tomatoes but you could use leeks instead or anything that’s lurking in the salad drawer.


(Serves one)


One medium courgette

Half a small head of broccoli (cut into florets)

Half a fennel bulb

A handful of pine nuts

Four or five sundried tomatoes

Two teaspoons of capers

A sprig of rosemary although you can use any dried herbs

A pinch of chilli flakes

Half a lemon

A glug of olive oil plus extra for serving



Heat a deep based pan on and add the oil. Cook the broccoli for a few minutes on a medium heat, turning occasionally.

Add the pine nuts to the pan as well as the chilli flakes and rosemary or whichever herbs you prefer. If you have a spiraliser, use this to make the courgetti, although you can also use a vegetable peeler. Add this to the pan and shave strips from the base of the fennel bulb using a peeler.

Roughly chop the sundried tomatoes and add these and the capers to the pan and cook for two minutes.

Chuck it all in a bowl and season with more olive oil, black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. Serve with a large glass of red (optional).

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