Pancake palaver

Confession time: I’ve never made pancakes unsupervised. You see, my hand-to-eye co-ordination is at best, substandard (I should apologise to those who were unfortunate enough to ‘play’ tennis with me during PE lessons), so I’ve always been wary of flipping the little buggers.

Now that I’m 31, I’m trying to be a bit braver and tonight I’ve been faced with the double whammy of all challenges: vegan pancakes. As my old pal Al told me earlier, ‘I don’t know how you’d make a vegan pancake’ – well, neither did I. Trawling the internet, you’ll find an array of recipes from the virtuous to the not so wholesome. I high five The Vegan Beauty Queen when she says that there’s not much out there that’s ‘healthy but doesn’t taste like a foot’ because I think she may be right.

I looked at a few recipes and whilst Deliciously Ella’s lemon and cardamom pancakes sounded amazing, I don’t have many of the ingredients in the house as I haven’t entered the terrain of buckwheat and brown rice flour just yet and possibly never will. Let’s just say it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be going gluten free anytime soon. Having said that, I do live with a couple of fitness junkies so thankfully I had access to the plant milk, flax seed and wholemeal flour needed as I sure as hell wasn’t going out again in this weather.

I decided to go with a recipe from the ever reliable Jamie Oliver. His recipe is actually for vegan blueberry pancakes but I decided to swap the fruit for a homemade apple and kohlrabi puree because a. I had leftovers and b. I like to be different – maybe it’s the Aquarian in me. The idea was to serve said pancakes with toasted almonds and cinnamon.

The reason there is no photo of the pancakes is because they were a DISASTER. I’m not quite sure what went wrong (Jamie’s recipe was for four people so I halved it for (not so) little me thinking I’d have enough for leftovers. I used lots of coconut to coat the pan but the batter wouldn’t come unstuck, both literally and metaphorically. I made two pathetic little patties, which weren’t actually that awful, and remorsefully scoffed these down (I hate food waste) with the puree and the toasted almonds.

At least the puree was tasty (just chop kohlrabi and apple, add to a pan with water, some sugar and a teaspoon of allspice and cook, blending if you prefer a smoother consistency) but I now have a load of washing up to do and nothing to show for it. C’est la vie, eh? My landlady will at least be forever happy that her kitchen ceiling remains unscathed by pancake batter.

Jamie’s recipe is here if you’d like to try it; you can’t do a worse job than me.

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