So long, summer…

Adios August, month of holidays, half empty offices and, if you’re familiar with Welsh culture, the National Eisteddfod. Summer’s coming to an end and autumn is definitely in the air but it’s not here just yet. It’s that weird transitional stage when it’s still too warm to wear even a jumper but the shops are […]

Chain reaction

I like Jay Rayner. Hell, I even fancy the guy (I have a real weakness for a man with a big shnozz) and I agree with almost every word of his Ten Food Commandments, apart from the bit about eating pigs – obvs. But Jay, do us a favour: stop doing Cardiff down. In his […]

Oh, Milgi, you’re so fine…

Cardiff’s Street Food Circus is back! Last night, the food lovers’ playground opened up for its second year after a phenomenally successful launch in 2015 when it won the ‘best event’ category in the British Street Food Awards. Sophia Gardens is a vast improvement on its former site in John Street. It also happens to […]

Silly season

It’s August and if you’re not on holiday, I’ll bet that half your office is. These few weeks in August were once known as ‘silly season’ in the halcyon days before Brexit, the latest Labour leadership contest and what appears to be an impending WW3. This is when things (usually) slow down a bit at […]