Treat yo self

Mondays aren’t the most cheery of days and if you’re reading this from Wales (or most places in the UK, actually), you’ll have noticed that it’s rained a fair bit today.

If you think you’ve had a bad day though, spare a though for poor old Warren Beatty. At least you didn’t do this.


Anyhoo, if, like me, you’re still tired from the weekend (I went to my first wedding of the year and let me tell you: I can’t drink like I used to), you’re probably hankering after a little TLC tonight. Personally, I’ll be hiding under the duvet with a bowl of soup and a generous helping of Gilmore Girls.

Technically it’s still winter (a whole two days until March, my friends) so it’s perfectly acceptable to gorge on comfort food. Parks and Recreation might have coined 13 October as the day to ‘treat yo self’ but I reckon it’s safe to enjoy these bad boys at any time.

This is a shamelessly lazy copy and paste job from Instagram, by the way. #sorrynotsorry

First up, vegan mayo. It’s a thing and a very good thing, too. These new burgers from Cauldron aren’t half bad either.

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BOOM @rumdogrees has outdone himself tonight ❤

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Oh, Swedish Glace, how do I love love thee? Let me count the ways…

Yes, I was a naysayer but this is actually OK. Try it.

Vegan biscuits FTW.

Droool. These are seriously good.

Who would have thought that apple strudel was vegan? Not me. I got this one from Morrisons (other supermarket brands are available) and topped it with delicious Oatly custard. Yum.

This teatime staple has been veganised and with this Quorn version you get the same texture as fish fingers minus the fish flavour. Odd but it kind of works.

And if all else fails, you can always rely on good old beans on toast…

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