Love your lunch

A recent survey has found that one in six Brits eat the same lunch every day. That’s a lot of ham sandwiches. I get it, working at an office doesn’t exactly inspire creativity, but surely a nice lunch (away from your desk if possible) is something to look forward to during a day that is normally punctuated by emails (and sometimes, even worse, actual meetings) about ‘projects’ and ‘objectives’. Even if you’re a freelancer or work from home, taking a break for a quick bite to eat is one of the healthiest things you can do.

Now, if you’re vegan, you might think that you’re destined to eat houmous on rice cakes for the rest of your working life (sometimes when I’m lazy I do this) but with a bit of forward planning, your lunchbox might become the envy of your colleagues – or your Instagram followers.

If I haven’t been organised enough (me, disorganised?) to make something the night before, I’ll pop to the supermarket on a Monday and stock up on enough food to make lunches for the week. Granted, I’m lucky that my office is within walking distance of three convenience stores but unless you’re in the middle of an industrial estate (and if you are, I’m sorry), you should have a Tesco nearby. A bag of spinach, a punnet of cherry tomatoes, a couple of tins of chickpeas or kidney beans, some avocados and a lemon are all you need. And maybe a tub of houmous and a few pouches of microwave rice, too. I know I keep banging on about these, but they’re amazing – my new fave is the Sainsbury’s one with lime and coriander).  If you keep olive oil, Tabasco sauce,salt and pepper in the office cupboard, you can add a bit more flavour, too.


In need of some vitamins? You can steam broccoli in the microwave and add it it to cooked quinoa, chopped carrot and cucumber, spinach and houmous. Dress with a little olive oil and lemon juice and voila, a super healthy lunch.


Leftovers always work well, too.

You can’t go wrong with beans on toast. Or avo toast, for that matter.

And if you really can’t be bothered or are in a rush, don’t dismiss the usual suspects like M&S, Pret A Manger and Sainsbury’s. Shop carefully and you can pick up a tasty little vegan lunch.

Keyboard clacking driving you mad? This dreamy combo from Sainsbury’s will soothe you. I usually find a walk helps, too…


The new vegan options at Marks and Sparks are marvellous.

Pret’s pretty perfect, too, and offers a fair few vegan sandwiches, soups and salads.

And how’s this for a balanced meal? Thank you, Waitrose.

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Food for thought, whether you’re chained to the office desk or working at home in your PJs.


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