Brexit for breakfast

To say that I’ve got the Brexit blues is an understatement. Last Friday could be compared to the cruellest of Christmas mornings: staying up half the night but with a feeling of dread rather than excitement. Then waking up in the early hours to discover the worst ‘present’ ever: a divorce from Europe. Den and […]

Tuesday at the Tramshed

I can’t believe that I hadn’t been to The Tramshed until tonight. This former tram depot is a beaut of a building (grade II listed) and re-opened as an arts and music venue last year. It’s within walking distance of the city centre (it’s located on the cusp between Grangetown and Riverside) and is the […]

TV dinner

I’m a terrible flake. In my mid-twenties, I’d say yes to pretty much anything I was invited to and would then run around like an idiot trying to fit three different events into one evening. I still do this to a lesser extent but now I’m more likely to bail. Yes, I am that person. […]